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Akada Network is a non-profit organisation that supports education and research in Africa. We focus on promoting visibility of the sector and bridging knowledge gaps among its stakeholders.


Our goal at Akada Network is to support the strengthening of Africa’s higher education and research sector so that it can effectively contribute to the growth and development of African society. Through our work, we build communities of expertise and interest that stimulate learning, sharing and collaboration among sector stakeholders. We develop and implement initiatives that facilitate these to happen.


Akada Network was established as a firm commitment to the premise that the debate surrounding Africa’s development should not only be about poverty alleviation, but should also involve value creation from the knowledge sector. We believe that many of the answers to Africa’s challenges can be found within the higher education and research ecosystem. And this sector can and should be a key player in leapfrogging Africa towards its innovation-led development aspirations. Unfortunately, the potentials within the sector are currently under-utilised.


Akada Network therefore seeks to maximize and develop the sector’s innovation and knowledge creation capabilities.


Akada Network is committed to Africa’s development.


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