Akada Network is a non-profit organization registered in Nigeria and the Netherlands. The mission of Akada Network is to contribute to the development of Africa by promoting and supporting the Higher Education and Research ecosystem. To achieve this, we develop and implement initiatives that facilitate learning, sharing and collaboration among stakeholders. Akada Network was founded in 2013.


Our goal at Akada Network is to support the strengthening of Africa’s higher education and research sector so that it can effectively contribute to the growth and development of African society. Through our work, we build communities of expertise and interest that stimulate learning, sharing and collaboration among sector stakeholders. We develop and implement initiatives that facilitate these to happen.


Akada Network was established as a firm commitment to the premise that the debate surrounding Africa’s development should not only be about poverty alleviation, but should also involve value creation from the knowledge sector. We believe that many of the answers to Africa’s challenges can be found within the higher education and research ecosystem. And this sector can and should be a key player in leapfrogging Africa towards its innovation-led development aspirations. Unfortunately, the potentials within the sector are currently under-utilised.

Akada Network therefore seeks to maximize and develop the sector’s innovation and knowledge creation capabilities.




Yemi LinkedInYemi Makinde, Founder and CEO 

Yemi is a management consultant and social entrepreneur. Her consulting areas of expertise are organizational excellence, transformation and corporate performance. With governments, she advises them at different levels on national and public service transformation. Most of her experience has been gained advising on transformation within EU enlargement strategies for candidate countries, as well as governments in the Middle East. In the development sector, Yemi’s work has spanned Southern America and Africa, supporting entrepreneurs, SMEs and NGOs to develop and implement impactful strategies that achieve results. She has also worked on projects funded by multilateralorganisations like EU, World Bank, as an M&A expert. Yemifounded Akada Network as a vehicle to contribute to an improved and transformed higher education and research sector in Africa. Since launching Akada Network, Yemi has  spoken about and presented findings of her work at conferences in  Canada, Europe and Africa.



Jo LinkedInJohanna Havemann, Project Manager

Johanna obtained a PhD from the Max­ Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen (GER). She is a Consultant in Organizational Development, PR, Online Marketing and Science Communication with a regional focus on Africa. Her working experience covers NGOs, startups and international institutions including UNEP. Tanzania, Togo, Benin, Namibia and Botswana are the countries in Africa she has visited so far; she has lived in Kenya, Ghana and South Africa for several months, respectively. Johanna brings both scientific and corporate contacts from the US, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world into her position as the regional focal point for Akada Network in Germany and is well connected in the relevant sectors in Berlin and beyond.





The Association of African Universities (AAU) is the apex organization and forum for consultation, exchange of information and co-operation among institutions of higher education in Africa.


Akada Network is proud of its partnership with the AAU to strengthen Research and Higher Education across Africa. Identified areas of collaboration cover the development of joint initiatives, the development and implementation of new models for stakeholder relationships building and engagement, resourcing and collaboration attractiveness for the private sector.