The mission of Akada Network is to contribute to the development of Africa by supporting and promoting the higher education and research sector.

Making the right connections is critical for success. We work with sector stakeholders in higher education and research to achieve positive impacts for the good of society.


Academic and Research Professionals

We provide targeted career development initiatives and support to researchers and academics whatever stage of career they are. Our activities focus on promoting, showcasing and sharing their research work internationally. We encourage collaboration and provide opportunities for such to happen.



“…traditional good grades may no longer suffice to equip the workforce with the skills needed to fuel innovation-driven economic growth.”

– OECD Website.


We address the very specific needs of students by ensuring they can access the information, tools and support they need to succeed for life beyond graduation.



We work with institutions to raise their profiles as leading academic and research centres. We help them develop effective and innovative approaches suited to all their stakeholders. We help to institutionalise the use of technology as a tool against isolationism.



All research ultimately benefits society in its application. Therefore, as users of the sector outputs, the role of society in pushing the research and innovation agenda cannot be over-emphasised. They contribute, collaborate, participate and champion. We help to foster such partnerships. We strengthen these relationships through dialogue and facilitation.